Ram Co-Ni-Cu-PGE Quebec Project Option

Located in the Port Cartier area of Gaspe Bay in Quebec. 

Historical Exploration highlights include surface samples up to 0.3% cobalt, 3.3% nickel and 1.1% copper (Historical work by Inco (Vale), Virginia, SOQUEM and Ressources Apalachees).

9km Stike Length Plus a 2km Splay

Mineralization is associated with massive sulphide (Ni-Cu-Co-PGE). The Ram property is believed to be a syngenetic, anorthosite, magmatic deposit. Mineralization in Ni-Cu-PGE on the property consists of clusters of massive sulphides, and zones of disseminated sulphides within pyroxenites and anorthosites. Predominant mineralization consists of pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite, pyrite and pentlandite.

Situated within the allochthonous, polycyclic belt of the Grenville province, in the northern portion of the anorthosite complex of Riviere-Pentecote. The anorthosite complex is believed to have formed during a phase of continental extension. The complex is comprised of anorthosite, leuconorite, and leucotroctolite assemblages at its center, surrounded by a leuconorite, pegmatitic norite, and anorthosite unit.