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Exploring for a Better Tomorrow

Steadright Critical Minerals Inc. is a mineral exploration company, (SCM) positioned to take advantage of the mineral potential in the Port Cartier area of Gas Bay, Quebec.  Steadright’s property is easily accessible within the Canadian Province of Quebec by route 138 through a series of logging roads.  Steadright is strategically positioned in Port Cartier to take advantage of its  potential.  

Steadright is in a perfect position to share in this exciting new chapter in the ongoing quest for economic mineral resources.  Steadright has very distinctive qualities compared to other mineral exploration companies that value-focused shareholders can appreciate. 

What are some of Steadright’s highlights and how can they increase shareholder value? 

  1. Steadright holds unique interest for investors due to its small under $8M market cap. mineral exploration companies have the highest upside potential of these investment categories due to low barriers of entry for investors. Often mineral exploration stocks will trade at low market capitalizations before confirming reserves, with their share price increasing significantly as they reach higher valuations. 
  2. Focused in one of the best mining jurisdictions, in the Province of Quebec, Canada. With favourable tax credits and incentives.  

For any investor thinking of investing into the economic mineral potential of Port Cartier, Steadright Critical Minerals Inc. is well-positioned.  Jining companies have the highest upside potential for value-focused investors. The uptrend in potential creates a promising exploration opportunity. Steadright’s management team and advisory board has global experience and proven success with mineral discoveries. Steadright’s current low market cap, under $8M.